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Proceedings of the symposium Protecting Agrobiodiversity and Conservation of Indigenous Breeds of Domestic Animals – 2019

Proceedings of the symposium Protecting Agrobiodiversity and Conservation of Indigenous Breeds of Domestic Animals – 2021


Cattle breeding

Simmental cattle breed in different profuction  systems

Evalution of the domestication process in Serbia – Domestication of Neolithic cattle

Rearing conditions, helth and welfare of dairy cows

Use of metabolic profiles and body condition scoring for the assessment of energy status of dairy cows

Body condition and longevity og high yielding dairy cows

Dairy cows welfare assesmemnt in loose stalls


Sheep breeding

Productive indices of sheep breeds and varieties reared in the conditions of Central Balkan mountains

Milking capacity, composition and some properties of milk from Karakachanska, Srednostaroplaninska and Tetevenska sheep breeds

Amino acid composition of milk from tsigai and karakachanska sheep breed in the central Balkan mountains region

Some genetic variation of blood proteins in tsigai sheep in Yugoslavia

Optimization of lambs feeding in hilly-mountainous region of Serbia

Milk production of Svrljiska stock of domestic tuft sheep

Evaluation of genetic potential of sheep in different production systems

The Effect of the level of apliccation of selection and breeding criteria as factors of sustainable sheep production on productive traits of sheep in extensiverearing system

New technological process for production of quality lamb meet

Morphometrical caracterisation of Karakachan sheep from Stara Planina, Serbia


Goat breeding

Milk production traits of Balkan goats in semiextensive production systems

Autochthonous Balkan goat breed- Composition and traits of kid carcass

Slaughter results for kids of the domestic Balkan goat

Goat breeding, need and possibility in households located in hilly mountainous and plain regions

The effect of time of weaning on body mass and gain of kids

Phenotype variability of reproductive traits in French Alpina goat

Phenotype variability of reproductive traits in Sans goat

Kids nutrition

Basic principles of the nutrition of milking goat

Status of breeding and some exterior measures of domestic white goat in the individual sector  of Pancevo rit


Pig breeding

Genetic resources in pig breeding-caracass quality traits of breeds moravka and mangalitsa

Genetic resources in pig breeding-Moravka

The effects of different housing technologies on welfere of piglets in rearing

Contribution to the knowledge on fertility of mangulica pig breed in Slavonia

Contribution to the knowledge of the number of bubs in mangulica pig breed

Contribution to the knowledge of the body measures in mangulica pig breed


Poultry breeding

Naked neck- Autochthonous breed of chicken in Serbia: Carcass characteristics


Horse breeding

Some morphological and health characteristics of domestic balkan donkey on Stara Planina

Reproduction and health status of domestic balkan donkey at nature reserve: Zasavica

Estimation of physiological values of hematological parameters in domestic balkan donkey before and after the grazing period


Biotechnology and Animal Husbandry

Advanced biotechnologies and animal production and reproduction

Anatomical-physiological basis of reproduction of domestic animals

Application of sustainable systems of milk production on small farms

Genetic variation in diseasse resistance among farm animals

Herbs in a sustainable animal nutrition


Innovation of extensive system for milk production on Stara Planina mountain

Livestock production-Present situation and future development directions in Republic of Serbia

Sustainable systems of husbandry in fuction of preservation indigenous breeds

The possibility of development of goat breeding in the Aleksandrovac parish

The possibility of synchronization of estrus in goats

The system of micro-goat farm in the altitude zone of Kopaonik

Plant usage in protecting the farm animal health

Conversation of genetic resources of autohtonius breeds domestc animals in Serbia

Mortality of rabbit from cubbing to weaning in intensive system of husbandry



Changes in body proprtion of roe deer with age

Common causes and diagnostics methods of poisoining game

Basic principles of spread of scents game

Body mass of hunted wild boar (Sus scrofa) in terms of dressing and gender acorns and fruit trees in the hunting land

Bear populations in some hunting area in Republic of Srpska

Parasitic infections in wild ruminants and wild boar

Capacity utilization and relation betwen category of roe game in hunting area in Republic of  Srpska

The hunting fund and its use in the Republic of Srpska

The correlation between the parameters of aesthetic value for the evaluation of roe deer (Capreolus capreolus L.) antlers

Efect of age and body weight at the trophy value of antlers in roe deer (Capreolus Capreolus L.)

Fasciolosis of deer in hunting ground of special nature reserve ,, Gornje podunavlje,,

Management in hare population (Lepus Europaeus Pall.) in Serbia

Sustainable management of Europen hares in lower Austria

The management analysis of hare population in Vojvodina for the period 1997 – 2011.

Elements of the population dynamics of the grey partridge (Perdix perdix L.) in suburban habitats

Re-introduction of red deer (Cervus elaphus L.) in the area of Sokolovica – status and problems

Brown bear management in Central Bosnia

Use of photo traps and faecal pellet group count for estimation of wild boar population density in forest environment

Camera trapping – how to estimate roe deer density using photographic captures

Sex and age specific survival in the weakly dimorphic alpine chamois

Craniometric differentiation of golden jackals (Canis aureus l.,1758) in Bulgaria

Golden jackals (Canis aureus) in Bulgaria. Current status, distribution, demography and diet

The wolf (Canis Lupus L.,1758) in Bulgaria

The importance of protein quantity and quality for differnet pheasant categoriaes in aviaries and nature

Differences in feeding strategy of large herbivores and their impact to vegetation

Conservation genetics: New tool for wildelife management and nature conservation

Effects of different hunting management on the genetic structure of wild boar population in South Italy

Genetic monitoring of popular game species in hunting areas of Vojvodina

Analysis of CHD gene for sex determination of protected bird species

Wildlife forensic genetics – tool for control of poaching

Sex determination in game birds management

Biosafety measures in pheasant farm

Mortality structure of the protected and strictly protected wild animals from Vojvodina region during one year period

Ecological role of bacterial isolates in protected wild birds

Fibromatosis of the roe deer (Capreolus capreolus)

The importance of trichinellosis and other zoonoses of the wildlife in the west balkan region

Survey on sylvatic parasitosis in Podunavlje region of Croatia

Monitoring of tick species (Acari: Ixodidae) in Vojvodina hunting resorts

Endoparasites of farm-raised pheasants (Phasianus colchicus L.) in Serbia

Nematodes of farm-raised pheasants (Phasianus colchicus L.) and suppression measures

Content of microelements in wild birds in Vojvodina

Hunting in a sociological perspective – Approaches and benefits

Game-inflicted damage and its compensation

Poaching in Serbia: Factor analysis

Economical approach on hunting

Expansion and perception fragrance of game



Origin and exterior characteristics of Serbian Yellow hound from West Serbia

Basic exteriror parametres of Serbian Yellow hound

Exteriror parametres of head of Serbian Yellow hound

Sex ratio and litter size of Serbian drover in the Republic of Srpska

Effest of father age on breeding season and litter size in Serbian Hound

Fertility of Serbian sheepdog

Changes some of exteriror parameters in Yugoslav shepherd dog-sarplaninac as a consequence of growing in urban enviroment

Diseases an injures in hunting dogs registered at the terrtory of Zupanja city

Reproductive characteristics of Serbian tricolour hound

Comparative review of the basic exterior parameters of the indigenous breeds of hounds

Heartworm disease: Case study in dog patient

Ocular manifestation on canine leishmaniasis

The basic morphometric parameters of the pelvis in Tornjak

Basic elements of a blood screen of lactating Tornjak shepherd dogs

Body format of the Turkish shepherd dog Kangal

Tarsus Catalburun breed of Turkish hunting dog (Turkish Pointer)

Reproductive disorders and their influence on the efficiency of using in hunting bitches

Investigation of presesence different serotypes of Leptospira spp. In population of hunting dogs in Western Serbia

Endoparasitoses of dogs – Review

Basic exterior characteristics of Serbian Yellow Hound in Southern Serbia

Basic Pelvic Parameters in Turkish Kangal Shepherd Dog

Effect of age of parents and breeding season on litter size in Romanian shepherd dog – Capatin

Sex ratio and litter size of Serbian tricolour hound in Republic of Srpska