The Center for Preservation of Indigenous Breeds is an activist organization open to include everybody who would devote their free time, knowledge and skills to the activities of general interest. There is always something to do, and any kind of help is welcome. To volunteer, you need enthusiasm, energy and good will. We invite you to join our small team, gain new experience and have a lot of fun.

Volunteering is a willing activity and above all it implies freedom of choice, which is in our opinion a fundamental value of a democratic society and the main aspiration of human civilization. Volunteering is defined in different ways around the world, but it can be freely said that according to its broadest definition volunteer-work is unprofitable, unpaid, non-careerist, freely chosen action manifested in various forms.



If you are a member of a foundation, company, embassy or some other institution, and you want to support the work of the Center in general or some activity in particular, you may contact us via e-mail to provide you with any additional information or to present you our actions in detail.

If you wish to support our work in person, you can make a payment into our account by using an ordinary payment slip. For the amounts up to 30,000 RSD, you don’t need to provide any additional documentation nor pay any tax.


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