Dear Breeders,

We would like to inform you that the Register of the indigenous breeds’ breeders from the Republic of Serbia is being established presently. The Register will be public and available on the official web page of the Center.

In this way, we would like to collect the data on the indigenous breeds’ breeders in one place and to make it available to other breeders, potential new breeders and indigenous breeds’ lovers. The Register aims at enabling breeders to establish contact with each other more quickly and exchange information directly among themselves. It also aims at helping potential new breeders of indigenous breeds and their lovers to find other breeders.

By filling in the membership application form and the registration request you become a member of the Center for Preservation of Indigenous Breeds. The register will contain your contact data, the data on the breeds you breed and the number of animals in a category. The price of the membership and registration is 1,200 RSD for a year and you can pay the amount at once or in two six-month instalments.

You can get all additional information on membership and registration from Monday to Friday by dialing the following phone number: +381 66 910 95 54